Art of Santoor Making

Santoor is a trapezoid shaped instrument, made from aged walnut, with 72 strings (18 sets of four), over small adjustable bridges.  There are two types of strings, brass and steel.  The steel strings that pass over the bridges at the left are the high notes and brass strings at the right are low notes.  The adjustable bridges divide the strings in a way to produce a range of three octaves.  The brilliant sound of Santoor comes from light wooden hammers striking many strings. Variants of Santoor are found through out the world, including North America (Hammered dulcimer), China (Yang qin), Hungary (Cymbalon), India (Santoor) among others.

Master Santoor Maker

Master Manuchehr Pouriankheir has been making top ranking Santoors since 1980. His life has been dedicated to build very few but lasting instruments for generations to come with a quality that very much pleases both the performer as well as the audience. The secrets of building any top quality musical instrument lies on years of hard work, dedication, experience as well as the materials used. Owning a quality Santoor is critical not only for a professional player but also for students at different stages of their training. Intense training under several master musicians of his time has enabled Pouriankheir to not only master the art of Santoor making but also the art of Santoor playing at its best. He is actively involved in teaching Santoor since 1990. Manuchehr Pouriankheir first studied Santoor under Dr. Ahad Behjat in Tabriz for three years to learn the Radif of Saba. He then moved to Tehran to learn under Ostad Reza Shaffian for seven years. To further advance his skills on Habib’s style of Santoor and the Radif of Mirza Abdollah , he then spend five years under Master Majid Kiani. Pouriankheir’s knowledge and skills on playing Santoor has significantly helped him to build extra-ordinary Santoors. According to him, “ Creating authentic sound out of Santoor has been my passion for past 33 years. I owe this ability to my generous teachers as they have always been extremely helpful to provide feedbacks on my Santoors from early on. Santoor is an instrument with a rather unique sound and its construction is very complex and often not very obvious to many people.” Master Pouriankheir currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. To order his instruments please contact him directly at 604-715-9934 or